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From: Stephen Modena (
Date: Tue Apr 04 1995 - 03:18:20 EDT

To Byron and the QRP-L 'netters--

I'm going to answer this one publically, if only to let newcomers
to the Internet know what's up.

Byron experienced a problem, as explained here:
> I downloaded NUKEYCAD.MSG and havent been able to import it into KeyCad. Do I
> need another program to UUdecode it ?
> I have no idea what UUdecode is. is it like zip/unzip, arc/unarc, etc ?
> I need input
> 72, Byron WA8LCZ

It's not so surprising that he didn't get something much
can go wrong.

When I get requests like this, I wish the writer had included some detail.
Why? Because if he (not just Byron, but *anyone*) had told me the steps
he used, I might only have to write one or two lines to help out.

The reason I posted *two* files, nuKeyCAD.uue (ASCII TEXT) and
nuKeyCAD.msg (binary), is because some people can retrieve binary
files *directly* WITHOUT corrupting them; but others can ONLY retrieve
ASCII files.

Procedure for binary retrieval:
        ftp to SunSITE
        set BINARY mode ( *critical* *critical* )
        'get' nuKeyCAD.msg
        "download" with ZMODEM (which *automatcally* protects
                binary files, otherwise use KERMIT in *binary* mode)
        result: an uncorrupted nuKeyCAD.msg binary file

Procedure for text-only retrieval:
        ftp to SunSITE
        'get' nuKeyCAD.uue
        "download" with *any* CRC-type software
        UUDECODE.exe nuKeyCAD.uue
        result: an uncorrupted nuKeyCAD.msg binary file

Hint: while at the ftp archive site, do an 'ls -la' and note
the *exact* file sizes for *both* nuKeyCAD.uue and nuKeyCAD.msg.
If you transfer nuKeyCAD.uue and it ends up a different *size* on
your PC, then it is corrupted. After you uuDEcode it, then the
resulting nuKeyCAD.msg files should be the *same* size as it was at
SunSITE. If you do an all-binary transfer, the resulting nuKeyCAD.msg
file should be *exactly* the same size as at SunSITE...otherwise it
is corrupted.

What form is "nuKeyCAD.msg" in? Presumably, it is in a format that
KeyCAD understands...whatever that is. :^)

What form is "nuKeyCAD.uue" in? It is uuENcoded...that is, it is a
binary file converted to an ASCII form suitable for *emailing* as

To make nuKeyCAD.uue into nuKeyCAD.msg, one must use the *reverse*
process, i.e. uuDEcode.

On *all* standard Unix machines, there is 'uudecode' and 'uuencode'.
Type 'man uuencode' at the command prompt for further info.

Also, all DOS archive sites (like oakland and SIMTEL) have the DOS
versions UUDECODE.EXE and UUENCODE.EXE zipped up. Virtually every
local BBS has them also.

I'm's late...I'm going to bed...can't think of any
obligatory QRP stuff to append here to make this posting 'legal.' :^)

73/Steve/AB4EL ab4el@Cybernetics.NET in Raleigh, NC  35.81245N, 78.65849W

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