QRP Afield/2


From: Diana, Gary M (gmd@rfpo1.rfc.comm.harris.com)
Date: Mon Apr 03 1995 - 12:01:05 EDT

Hello All -

   Brad (WB8YGG) and myself setup in a nearby county park, in
   Brockport NY (near Rochester). Rigs used:

   1. Brad's NN1G for 40M ("old faithful"). Rig built back when the qrp
            was born. Power = 750 milliwatts.
   2. My Epiphyte for 75m SSB. Power = 5watts.

We put up a ladder line fed dipole for 75m and a coax fed dipole for 40m.

Memorable Contacts.
   Brad got a guy on 40m cw that was running 100 milliwatts, and I'm here to
       tell you the signal was LOUD! ANd no, he wasn't down the road!

   I got a hold of a guy in hyde park ny running 1500 watts. When he went
      to 200 watts, there was barely a perceptible difference. The cool
part is
      that this ham designed and built a digital voice recorder... he
recorded 75
      seconds of my transmission and played it back over the air! A few of
      local hams had dropped by and they were amazed by this guy! Yeah I
      he could have bought the recorder at a hallmark store, but this was
      homebrew, designed and built. he clocked me at s7-s8 w/5watts!

We had a lot of fun and the weather was really nice. I think we made a
or so contacts in the 2.5 hours we operated.

73, Gary N2JGU

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