Re: Radio Shack DSP Filter


From: prvalko (
Date: Sat Apr 01 1995 - 11:28:23 EST

On Fri, 31 Mar 1995 wrote:

> We (The Wyoming Valley QRP Commandos) tried this unit during FD-94 and
> found it not any better than the 2.4 KHz 8-Pole Xtal filter/active AF
> filter on the Argo-509. It went back to RS the following Monday.

Oh well... you can't please everyone. I love mine and use it on
everything from my homebuilt NN1G, to the NorCal 40a, through the
Argonauts and up to my Corsair. Just nulling 40 over nine carriers on
40M SSB is worth the price of admission, the audio AMPLIFIER in the unit
makes it a must have for speaker-less Power Mites and NC-40a's!

> Last weekend I was in the local RS store and saw a sign above a DSP
> filter that said "NEW"....I queried the manager and he wasn't sure
> exactly what was "new" about the filter....possibly a redesign of the DSP
> algorthyms (sp)???

Nope. It is "new" to this year's catalog. Even though it came out last

> For $80 buying the OHR SCAF filter kit would be a better deal.

In my best Robert DeNiro voice, "Charlie don't surf, and SCAFS don't

73! =paul= wb8zjl

p.s. back from Interop!

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