Need Hallicrafters' S-38 Info


From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Mon Mar 20 1995 - 02:31:31 EST

I found a 1946-47 model Hallicrafters S-38 (no suffix!) at a swapmeet
this weekend and was able to take it off the owner's hands for $10. A
little cleanup, and peaking of the RF stage (tune for loudest QRN)
brought the thing to life! It still has a few problems, but it is quite
like the receiver I used when I first was licensed in 1958. My hope is
to build a QRP combo using the S-38 and a companion 6V6 Tri-tet
oscillator (which was my first xmtr). The RCVR came without
schematic/owners manual/etc ((((what a surprise!!)))) and I'm wondering
if anyone on the list might have anything that could help. I'd be proud
to pay copying costs, postage, mileage, etc.

A friend faxed me a copy of a schematic for an S-38C, which is close --
because the S-38C looks similar but the design is somewhat dissimilar. And
later models used miniature tubes and had a different case and dial
((the S-38E isn't even close))!

This RCVR is a bit unusual in that unlike later models which
used only 5-tubes -- this is a six tube model: 35L6, 35Z6,
2-12SK7, 1-12SQ7 and an unknown octal tube (((which has been
replaced by an octal base whose major pins are neatly soldered
to a 7-pin miniature socket, upon which rests a 12BE6))). Does anyone
know what original tube the 12BE6 replaces? Anyone have any paperwork
on this? Pls and tnx and 73/72

P-S:::Ooops::: one more favor,,,, I think there's another list called
''boatanchors.'' Could someone please e-mail me the address? The S-38
might feel at home there!!

                     [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>]

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