Life's tough. But then there's rhetoric.


Date: Sat Mar 18 1995 - 21:51:39 EST

Ok, I'm sitting here trying to figure out why "they"
always say that business writing is more formal and
yet my wife can say things like "we'll update you" and
"just next door" and then get angry 'cause I don't
understand that she's written a business memo and
had wanted to be chatty. Hmmm. Just how do you update
people? Do you peel the little cover off and expose
'em to UV? And how much more next door is "just next
door"? See, these are puzzling questions.

Like this: Preston sends the list of QRP whackoes
who are going to be at Dayton. He's got himself
listed twice. Does he have bilocation powers? Or
does he live in a diplexer? And just how much different
is "taking up a challenge" from, say, taking up the
kitchen tile? These things are important. Even if
I can't figure out why, after spending twelve hours
reading freshman composition papers, they're still

LIke this: You can call CQ and you can call CQ QRP
and you can sign your call or you can sign your
call and add /QRP or just QRP. How much more QRP are
you if you don't tell anyone? I mean, after all, once
"they" find out that you're running low power, the
batteries in "their" hearing aids (as opposed to AIDS)
go weak and they have to get ready for dialysis or
something. Geezh. Sometimes I really think that
"or" isn't a conjunction.

Or maybe it's just that all those QRO types are
just in need of being updated so that they'll see
how QRP or not, we're not always going to sound
like we're just next door. But that's part of taking
up the challenge. Don'tcha think?


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