Re: signing /QRP


Date: Sat Mar 18 1995 - 21:58:23 EST

A personal approach to this: I don't sign /qrp when tuning about the band for
basic ragchews. Either in answering CQ's or making them myself, I pretty much
don't call attention to the QRP until after the RST's are exchanged. For
random QSO's on 40 and 20 meters, with basically good conditions (a number of
strong signals audible on the band) I find my results are strikingly good if I
answer a strong signal. I just had somebody on 20 meters in the morning say he
nearly fell out of his chair when I told him 5 watts -- he was running about
750W into a 4 element beam!

However, near the qrp freqs, I feel it as kind of a bonding thing; when I hear
that "/qrp" I perk up my ears and know that the other will probably also listen
hard down to the noise level.

Just my approach.

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