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Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 02:06:45 EST

Hi, all
        Well, I actually received my kit in the mail LAST Friday--and haven't
gotten around to counting the parts until tonight. Everything is there
and it looks like it's going to be a blast putting it together!
        Especially since this is my first kit!!
        I plan to set the record for the LONGEST, most painstaking job...
        I've got a few naive questions for all you experienced builders
out there. The first one involves solder--I read AA7AR's advice in the
latest issue of QRPp, and also see that the manual mentions trying to
find silver solder. I've picked up some rosin-core 96% tin 4% silver--is
that the right stuff? (that's the only proportion I find mentioned in the
Handbook as well...)
        Secondly, Chuck mentioned he recommended putting in the crystals
first. Why is that? Is that to make it a little easier to use the
spacers to install the rocks a little bit above the board?
        Any other pearls of wisdom out there for me before it's too
late? I'll let you all know how easily a basically "Neophyte" builder
finds this...but I have a feeling I've already caught the bug...

                                      72 Matt KN6CR

                      "I should be finishing my dissertation."

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