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                x NOTICE OF MEETING x
                x DATE: 25th February, 1995 x
                x PLACE: The "BLUE PETER", Sidney, V.I. x
                x TIME: 10:45 to 15:00 PST x

To facilitate distribution by e-mail and packet radio our newsletter is
being produced as a ASCII text file. Printouts will continue to be
mailed to members without access to either of these facilities.


G-QRP CLUB MINI-CONVENTION: In October I attended the convention to
give a talk on the "Epiphyte" 80M SSB transceiver. In 1994 the Club
celebrated its 10th aniversary and the meeting was well attended. There
is not the same enthusiasm for 80M SSB in Europe as there is in NA.
Nevertheless, I did manage to make a few UK contacts. George Dobbs,
G3RJV, was getting ready to leave for the the 1st Asian-Pacific QRP
Convention in Kuching, Sarawak where he had been invited, along with
Rick Campbell, KK7B, to speak.

CONCORD CONVENTION: Meanwhile, closer to home, Bruce, VE7ZM, carried
the flag to the Ham Convention at Concord where a close relationship has
developed between the QRP Club of Northern California (NorCal) and the
QRP Club of BC. Interest in homebrewed SSB transceivers in NA has grown
in leaps and bounds. Construction articles on the "Epiphyte" have
already appeared in QRPp and SPRAT. The next issue of QRPp will contain
a rig designed Bruce. Joe, VE7TX, is also putting together that long
awaited article on his "Neomyte" (cigarette package) transceiver for

NOVEMBER 12TH MEETING: Seventeen members attended a "special" meeting
at the home of Dave, VE7PCC, to welcome two visitors from California -
Doug, KI6DS (editor of QRPp) and John, K7RO. Doug, who is far more
efficiently organized than me, posted a detailed report of this most
enjoyable meeting on the Internet QRP-l within a few hours of his
return! I will bring a printout to the coming meeting for those who
have not seen it.
QRP SSB ON 80 METRES: John, K7RO, is about to unveil the the design of
his recently completed dual band (80/20M)transceiver using a homebrewed
9MHz filter. We heard him loud and clear in BC with excellent audio
quality. Despite poor band conditions a few "regulars" have
consistently shown up on the 1600 PST net. At 1900 the skip has been
too long for local contacts; often too noisy for any contacts! At 2230
PST a few of us have managed to keep a schedule with KI6DS and others in
the US portion of the phone band - occasionally making it "QRP".
However, a newcomer to the group, Vern, W6MAA at Placerville, CA blasted
in this week at 59+ with his recently completed "Epiphyte" and 5W
amplifier. Having already worked New Zealand and Japan, he's now trying
for Europe on the long path. If only we all had a 4-square vertical

ARCI QRP SPRINTS: I haven't seen the results yet of the Summer '94
Sprint but I understand that Bill, VE7JO, led the pack on 80M.
Congratulations Bill. For the Winter Sprint I had fully expected Doug &
Vern's combined effort from the latter's QTH (and antenna!) to walk away
unchallenged. But the "best laid plans........"; better let them tell
you about it! Seems like the humble dipoles in BC will stand a chance -
this time anyway!

NORCAL QRP CONTEST, 1st APRIL, 1995: CW and SSB. Bonus points for
operating portable away from the home QTH. Full details will be made
available at the coming meeting and mailed out to those unable to

72 Derry VE7QK
e-mail: jds@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca

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