Re: Help with Explorer!?!


From: Stephen Lee (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 00:08:47 EST

Hello Dave,

Stephen Lee here, AB7HI

I believe Dick at OHR has given you the correct advice regarding your OHR
Explorer 30 meter rig. I just put mine together 1-1/2 weeks ago. The
assembly went well and the receiver section worked at first power up. Mine
was on the wrong side of zero beat on initial power up. A simple adjustmen=
on a potentiometer put it right.

I tried for two evenings to raise somebody with my new Explorer 30. Guess
what Dave...the band is D-E-A-D in the evening except for some diehard hams
doing digital work. Tried it on Saturday, January 28, and the band was=20
lively. JH7JVJ. Seo, in Japan was coming in strong. I sent out my CQ and
I swear he came back to me. Then there was a pile up and the big boys took=
over. I managed a fine QSO with Morley, K7UM, Salt Lake City, Utah, on a
higher frequency. His signal report to me was a 569. This last Saturday,
the 30 meter band was terrible at this QTH (Tacoma, Washington). Sunday
was no was the pits!

My antenna is a Butternut HF9VX vertical which is mounted on the ground. =
The max output power of my Explorer 30 is 4 watts with an SWR of 50=20
miliwatts. I trimmed the power down to 3 watts, measured with the OHR=20
miliwatt meter. =20

Tonight I measured the output frequency at several settings following a ten
minute warm up and here are the results:

=09dial set to 0: measured frequency: 10,100,008 Hz
        dial set to 25: measured frequency: 10,125,553 Hz

=09dial set to 50: measured frequency: 10,149,896 Hz

Output frequency was measured using a Global Max 500 frequency counter and
a times 10 oscilloscope probe. A s=FB tandard banana plug test lead was=20
connected between the rig's output and the dummy load. An 8 inch piece of
wire was wrapped 5 times around the test lead and one end connected to
the oscilloscope probe. The probe ground was connected to the Explorer's
ground terminal. =20

I'm very satisfied with the performance of my OHR Explorer 30, Dave. There
is nothing in its construction that is overly difficult yet there are=20
enough parts involved to challenge the novice builder. I was able to=20
complete the construction in 3 evenings and aligned it on the 4th morning.

There's at least two more folks in this group that own Explorer 30's beside=
the two of us Dave. Between the four of us, we should be able to sort out
any problem you might be having. But first, please verify that your rig is
set to the correct side of zero beat. Let me know how it goes, OK?

73's Dave!
Stephen Lee

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