Mich January CW Contest


From: Byron8LCZ@aol.com
Date: Sun Jan 08 1995 - 19:30:04 EST

The Michigan Annual January CW contest is now history. How did everyone do ?
The bands didn't open much and when they did, it didn't last long. I did
manage to work the west coast, a few canadians and HP1AC in Panama City. On
15m I worked N7MFB, Bill from the NorthWest QRP club. And on 40m KA3WTF Fran
and AA4XX Paul from Penn., and on 20m VO1DRB Bob Gobrick.I didn't hear
anyone on 10m or 160m.
It sure was a quiet contest, very little QRM, I was surprised how few
contesters were on the bands.

Heres the preliminary stats:
80m 8 QSO'S 6 S/P/C
40M 29 QSO'S 16 S/P/C
20M 30 QSO'S 22 S/P/C
15M 10 QSO'S 8 S/P/C
      76 QSO'S & 52 S/P/C

At this rate, the upcomming contests are going to need some incentive to get
everyone on the air.

I used the QRP Plus and a Gap Titan vertical on 80 thru 10. There was more
noise than I'ld have prefered but at least I got on 80m for the first time in
a contest. It was less than encouraging. I have a feeling, that I'll be puttin
g up another antenna in the snow, real soon now. Not looking forward to that

73's, Byron WA8LCZ

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