From: Tim Stabler (
Date: Mon Jan 02 1995 - 13:39:48 EST

Rick Zabrodski sent me a message after my comments on clip-on
magnifiers for pc board work. As a doctor, he prefers the magnifying
glass-fluorescent rig that gives you magnification, good light and a
wide view on everything. I also have one of these and have to agree
with him. The only problem some might have is the cost. The
magnifying clip-ons sell from $7-$20, depending where you get them.
And, of course, you can always go to the local drugstore and get a
pair of "reading glasses", which are just manfiers maybe for less.
The magnifier-light rig is in the $100 price range, again depending
on where you get it. It is worth it if you do a lot of building
since you have the circular fluorescent light around the magnifying
glass. The extra light right where you need it does help.

I also had a message from someone looking for the Hambrew address. I
did not re-subscribe to qrp-l after the washout. I am now department
chairman and will be teaching a huge overload this semester due to
sabattical leaves and cutbacks in associate faculty. So I knew I
would not have the time to read all the messages. I still read the
qrp-l digest everyday by printing it off and reading it at bedtime
or some other time, so still see all the messages.

So, if you need to contact me, leave your message here or send it
directly to me. Either way, I will get it and respond.

By the way, Wednesday we have final registration for the spring
semester here. What will I be doing? I will be in my office putting
my 40-40 together!!

73 de Tim WB9NLZ

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