QRP Mini-Expedition


From: Andrew Hair (ab253@rgfn.epcc.Edu)
Date: Sat Dec 31 1994 - 11:58:54 EST

To all:

Well, weather permitting, I will once again try some mountain-top
QRP work from El Paso on Monday. For those who listened for me on Dec.
26, the weather kept me from climbing to the top of a peak along the
southern tip of the Franklin Mountains. The peak I will hike/climb to
is a little over 6,000 feet high and offers a pretty clear view for
about 100 miles in all directions. I use an MFJ 9020 with a push-up
pole, inverted vee antenna that weighs just 4 1/2 pounds. I have
made some serious modifications to my last PVC-based antenna as a result
of comments and questions from a number of QRPer's from this list. I
will also use a small 12 volt battery and 400 mAh rated solar panel
to help keep the battery operable if I get a little long-winded!

For those who are interested, I will center my band activity around
14.060 from approximately 1700 - 2100 UTC on Monday. That is 10:00 AM
to 2:00 PM MST. I may be on earlier and a little later than mentioned,
but that all depends on the weather and my motivation. I hope to have
a couple of other hams with me (their calls are KB5ZJX and AB5TZ).

The forecast isn't too bad, at least better than last Monday. I will
look forward to contacting folks from QRP-L (will have the latest
crib sheet with me). Thanks again for the interest and support that
was shown during my last attempt to climb Mt. Franklin. I will report
my results to this list on Tuesday. I hope to hear you on! Have a
Happy New Year.

72's es 73's

Andrew Hair - AB5WB
El Paso, Texas


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