Another trip around the solar orb, or...


Date: Sat Dec 31 1994 - 00:58:51 EST

I won't be on for SKN and I won't be on for QRP SKN and
I won't be around for radio when the ball falls or whatever.
I get read poetry (translated) and then, contrary to what
"they" have planned, I'm reading one of the best short stories
that I've written in years... except for the one about Che
Guevarra... and maybe the one about this guy standing on
the embarcadero where he was thinking about how long it had
been since he had seen her and had said nothing at all. But
if I read that one, my wife will shoot me and I won't be
able to get on the night after SKN when everyone else is just
then getting over the hangover that marks the beginning of
another trip around the solar orb.
So there.
And sometimes you get lucky.
(Actually, I'd like to do SKN, but Cindy wants to go to the
coffee house where I'm reading stuff and, in my own shuffling
way, so do I. It's the thought that counts.)
(And yes, I got the Howes kit finished and modified and added
to and it works great. Also walks a thin line between home-
built and home-brew, but that's for doctrinair dogmatic
followers of the oligarchy to badger each other over. Me?
I just wanna finish the dang thing so I can use it for a
QSO or two. Beats burning my fingers on solder.
And did you ever notice that it takes forever for solder
to melt when you holding three little parts together and just
wanna tack 'em together? So how come once the solder's hot
and flowed over your fingers and between thumbnail and thumb,
it takes it about 8 seconds to congeal or cool or solidify
or whatever physical change of state? Explain that one,
ANd have a happy, healthy new year. And remember: don't
drink and drive. Just drive or drink. The price of drugs
drove me to drink, and I still don't drive. So there:
Stay healthy and see youse on the air later next year.

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