Date: Fri Dec 30 1994 - 09:03:07 EST

The mic that Bruce at Index supplies is some off Japanese brand seemingly
like the miniature HT mic that MJF supplies. It is called a QSOK mic.
 Anyway, like the manual says, you adjust the level so that the meter peaks
at the meter's half way mark, or something to that effect.

In the past few days I have had 11 QSOs. Michigan, Florida, California,
Arizona, Missouri, Texas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
 Reports have been fair to good.

The way I locate them is to find the strongest phone sigs and then give them
a call when they have finished their QSOs with other stations. Works
everytime. Even got 2 QSOs with CQs!


Duffy - WB8NUT

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