QRP-L at netcom.com blew up!


From: Stephen Modena (ab4el@Cybernetics.NET)
Date: Sun Dec 25 1994 - 20:12:54 EST

Thanks to Tim AB5OU...I've been alerted that we *all* were unsubscribed
from QRP-L at Netcom.com.

I was able to confirm his info (see forwarded message below). I resubscribed
by sending email to: LISTSERV@netcom.com
with no subject
and the msg was: subscribe QRP-L

The only thing it accepts after "subscribe QRP-L" is an address...
but if you put nothing there, it assumes you mean the reply address
on your email. If you put your name there, it will send an error
message back.

You can see how many are on the list by sending an email to:
LISTSERV@netcom.com -- no subject -- put msg: who QRP-L
and the list of current subscribers (about 15) comes back.


And send a copy of this message to a couple of others who you know
are on QRP-L...because they will need to resubscribe...

Until N1IST (got only his ansering machine) is able to alert or
restore the original mailing list, this round-robin method may
be the only way to bring most people back quickly.

--de Steve AB4EL (digester of QRP-L) ab4el@Cybernetics.NETB

---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Sun, 25 Dec 1994 12:46:29 -0700 (MST)
>From: Timothy J. Pettibone <tpettibo@nmsu.edu>
>To: abrel@cybernetics.net
>Subject: the list?

Tried all of the segments, times and bands, but no luck. Never heard a

Then, I didn't get any qrp-l traffic for several days. Today I
discovered that I was no longer a subscriber to qrp-l. Guess the list
got wiped out somehow. I resubscribed and found only 15 others on the
list. Guess there was a major problem. You are not on the list when I
send 'WHO QRP-L' to LISTSERV@NETCOM.COM. Just thought you'd like to
know. Did you get anyone on Thursday? Merry Xmas.

Las Cruces, NM
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