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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sat Dec 03 1994 - 23:26:02 EST

A while back I was worried because the qrp list was going through a
slow period, with reduced traffic; I swear I didn't bring up THIS topic
just to increase the postings! By the way, remember someone who was
featured in Icom ads years ago, saying how he had won 4 major DX
contests in the QRP category with his IC-735 at 5 watts? And this same
person surfaced again last year or so, leaning on an amplifier,
chomping on a big cigar, big grin on his face, wearing shades, saying
"Life's too short for QRP!" (And now the Colorado QRP club is using
the slogan "Life's too short for $800 finals!") By the way, I own
three HW-7s, two HW-8s, two HW-9s, a TS-670 (Kenwood QRP quad-bander
from the mid eighties), a W7EL kit from somewhere, a full blown Twofer
(tx and rx), plus all sorts of homebrew things, but for 99.5% of my
on-the-air work I use a TS-430S cranked down to 4 watts or less. Now
that automatically disqualifies ME from being a true QRPer, to a number
of people...but being a QRPer is a matter of how much power is used,
not where that power comes from. (I really hope someone is saving all
the dialog on this topic--would make a good article for a QRP journal
somewhere!) 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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