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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sat Dec 03 1994 - 23:22:32 EST

Thanks for posting the policies, procedures blurb from the QRP
Quarterly. That has appeared in there for a fair while now; I wrote it
myself, refined it slightly over time, and added "then-President K8IF"
at the suggestion of Ade Weiss. I never received any complaints about
it, since it is, in fact, historically correct. Although the QRP
Quarterly is well past volume 30, it was NOT always a QRP club, and in
fact went for about the first 17 or 18 years of its existence as
something significantly different (although with quite laudable goals).
 I know quite well, since I joined in 1967 (and Chuck Adams himself
sent me email recently about one of my old 1000 Miles Per Watt awards
from that era)--those of us interested in true QRP in those days were a
very distinct minority, FAR out on the lunatic fringe--but we
had fun with it! (I also did my part for true QRP when I was on the
board of directors back in 1969-1970 or so; all the club awards were
aimed at 100 watt operation--working states, continents, countries. I
proposed an award for working states, starting at 20 and going in
multiples of 10, with 5 watts or less. To the credit of the 100 watt
heirarchy of the club, they immediately approved it, and I had to
quickly write up specifications for the award, write the blurbs, design
the certificate, etc. (Sorry, wrong statement about 5 lines
above--there WAS one QRP award already in existence when I joined, the
1000 MPW, of which I won several back then, as K5FO can confirm since
he isthe holder of the records.)
Ade Weiss used to write a column in CQ magazine on QRP, and in one he
told about how the QRP ARCI turned into a true QRP club; I received
permission from CQ to reprint it in the QRP Quarterly, since it is very
relevant to the club and its history; things fell thru the cracks and
it languished in the bit bucket somewhere for a couple years, but I
just sent it on disk again to WB9TBU, so it should appear in the QRP Q
shortly. Although very few people know of him today, K8IF (Tom Davis)
played a very significant part in the history of the QRP ARCI and QRP
in general, converting the QRP Club into a QRP club. (Sounds like
someone well deserving of a nomination into the QRP ARCIs QRP Hall of
Fame, for which applications/nominations are currently open, with
deadline of March 31, as I recall.) 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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