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From: David Moody, KD8NY (MOODY@Admin.Rose-Hulman.Edu)
Date: Mon Nov 21 1994 - 15:47:11 EST


IN%"" writes...
>What is the consensus about offer items for sale
>on this list?
>7.3 de Michael aa0ub ( formerly kd6wdd and kg0ot )
> --==<< I'm the last 'S' in KISS >>==--

I've only been on this list for little over a month now, and my opinion
is that I would welcome it, provided that it had to do with the list.
I mean, let's not go selling 3-500Zs on here, unless you are expecting
them to run VERY!!! cool.

Well, SS SSB was fun this last weekend. Again, I was (A) at a club
station, but I did hear quite a few (Q) exchanges out there. In fact,
there were some that our 100W (ooh, that hurts) had to have been melting
their receivers, because they were S9+20dB, and they were running QRP!

Just my two milliwatts worth...

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