Alda triband transceiver


Date: Sun Nov 13 1994 - 18:53:28 EST

Rather than go through another five or six months of blissful
fussing, cussing and head-scratching by building a three band
mobile rig, I have suggested to a co-worker that I might be
interested in buying his ALDA three-band rig. I've had it on
the bench for a couple weeks and just this afternoon got it
hooked up on 40m phone. But there are problems, naturally enuff.

The manual is missing two pages. I figure that they're the
pages for PC501, 601 and 701. PC601 is the VFO, which has
some serious mechanical problems. Backlash is really unacceptable.
Also, it seems to take a while before the knob/shaft link engages.
I guess I could call that dial slip. Then the RIT (which is really
arcane on this rig) is on for receive and transmit. Added to this
is near zero output on 75/80 meters.

I am entertaining two suggestions. First, I'd like an honest
opinion of this rig's worth. In its present condition it ain't
worth a lot to me. Still, it'd be easier to fix this beast
than to go through trying to put one together. (I have had
in mind the Hands Electronics kits, which, if I were to get
enough boards to have SSB/CW on 80/75, 40 & 20 meters, would
run me over $200.)

Second, I'd like to know if anyone in "netland" can get me
copies of the last two pages of the manual. I might add that
the manual doesn't do much beyond explaining all the dials and
holes on the front and back of the case. The inner front and
back cover do that. The rest of the "manual" is, as far as I
can tell, schematics for the radio and an interconnection
map. I see no tune up or alignment hints. Oh, one more thing:
the "manual" has a hole burned all the way through, from front
cover to back, as if someone laid a soldering iron down on it
before giving up in frustration.

Suggestions welcomed. I'd like to give the owner some idea of
what I'm game to spend (if I decide to spend it) by, say,
Friday the 18th of November.

In the meantime, I have papers to correct and other stuff to
read and write. Hi ho.


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