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Date: Tue Nov 01 1994 - 11:08:00 EST

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Hallo dear friend,

You asked at 28.10.94 about " QRP+ 1st Test Results from Berlin":

> Can you tell me more about this rig? I mean, like, cost, etc... And if you
> find it's really value for money?
yes, of course. The QRP+ is sold by Index Laboratories, 9318 Randall Drive
Gig Harbour, WA 98332
FAX: 206-851 57 25
for 595,-$ plus shipment
After the two weeks test, i think it is worth the money. It is not a FT-
1000, but one gets a fine rig for the money. It is running SSB/CW from 1,3
up to 30 MHz, Rx complet and TX on the US Amateur Radio frequencies.

> > May be, you can carry the argo, the TS50, the Scout, but whats about the
> > battery ???? is your battery portable ?
> > (This QRP+ on my desk is running 120 to 130mA (one hundred thirty milli
> > Amps!!!) That is the current, I call portable!))
> I'm quite new to this ham stuff, and I never figured out the current you
> were talking about.
> The Argo, etc uses, around, 1.2A. Whereas the QRP+ usus 120mA. Does this
> mean, if we leave both running on a similar battery, the QRP+ will last 10
> times longer (if we receive only...)?
Yes, that does it mean. In the area of all band txvrs, tey normaly need
much power e.g. abt 1,2 Ampere. The low range of the QRP+ i have never
seen at comercial rigs, only homebrew rigs had such low current. I am
using a 2.4 Ah Pb Akku with a little solar paneel and that is enough for
days of operation.

72 from Berlin de Peter, DL2FI

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