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From: Jeffrey Herman (
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 02:53:33 EDT


I don't think the problem lies with - I'm seeing some
weird things on the Usenet newsgroups: Followups to an article
are appearing a day or two *prior* to the original article
appearing! I'm reading followups not knowing what article
they're talking about.

The problems are just going to get worse: Prior to this semester
only faculty, staff, and grad students were given Internet accounts;
now our university gives access to *any* of the 40,000+ students
who want one. As Jim Kearman says, the Info superhighway is
turning into a muddy back road.

Regarding QRP-L, it typically takes at least 24 hours for my
articles to appear. It's really no big deal, is it? Let's
continue to be thankful netcom adopted us and not bite the
hand that feeds us.

Still looking for an easily convertable CB to use as a 10M
beacon for Hawaii; think how nice a beacon would be here in
the Central Pacific! Also looking for a memory keyer for the
future beacon.

.73 Watts,
Jeff NH6IL

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