Re: QRPing


From: Harvey A. Dapeer (
Date: Sun Oct 23 1994 - 23:16:54 EDT

Had to respond Jeff. Yes, I also believe that operating QRP requires NO
special techniques. Sure, it helps to do this or that but such operating
practices also will help by the same percent while operating QRO. Like
you I have never hesitated to call CQ just because I run QRP. Calling CQ
on 20 SSB on a Sunday afternoon is a real kick. I would love to see the
look on the face of some operators when they realize that they answered, with
their 2kw, the call of a 4w QRP station. To me that's a great part of
operating QRP. By the way I don't feel you owe anyone an appology.

Harvey, K5DDJ

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