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From: chuck adams (
Date: Thu Oct 20 1994 - 20:27:52 EDT


Some people have wanted higher audio output for their rigs,
namely the NorCal 40 has been mentioned.

I was in Tanner Electronics last week and purchased a kit
(oh no, not another kit!!), but not to worry, it's about
1 inch square board. It is from Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.,
Inc., P.O.Box 12685, Lake Park, FL 33403-0685 (407) 848-
8236 and fax (407) 844-8764.

It has a 2.2uF cap in series with a 1K resistor and 10K
log pot for input to a TDA7052 chip. Rated a 1W with 8 ohm
output and runs on 3V-15V DC.

Quiescent current of 4mA at 6V and 8mA at 15V, so this
will add a great deal to your receive current in the NC40.

Gain of 39dBand 1.2W out with 0.2% THD. I haven't fired
it up yet, but will try it later. Tanner Electronics here
in Dallas hasa new display with various kits and the board
for this one looks very good. Blue soldermask and it's
a single sided board plated and silk screened. I think
the chip is made by Phillips (it's a very small icon :-)).

Comes with all the parts for $7.95, but I don't know what
your hit will be for postage. Probably $0.52 cents or so
in a padded envelope.


dit dit de K5FO/6

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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