Re: HW-9 Recommended Mods


From: Dave Kelley (
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 00:24:39 EDT

Congrats on the HW-9. Great rig! (obvious owner here)

If you want some good "stuff" to do to get your fingers in your new rig try
checking out the Feb 88 73 Magazine and April 88 QST. There is enough there
to keep anyone busy until summer.

Haven't tried any of the mods. My HW-9 is still factory (as factory as a
kit can be) and still a little new to me. I'll try some of the mods later
I'm sure. The notch filter looks good..and probably a keyer. I would only
consider the Super Keyer II though...and for anyone who loves keyers this is
a must have. I think it's in all the ARRL Handbooks so check it out. Under
$50 and does more than any keyer I've ever seen.


Dave, AA7TQ

>Greetings All,
> I picked up an HW-9 with antenna tuner and power supply this last
>weekend at a local hamfest (won't tell you how much &^) ) and am digging
>thru the past issues of QRP-Qtrly for mods. I also ordered the HW-8 Mod
> Any recommended mods to pursue or stay away from?? Now if I only had
>the time......
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