NEQRP 30-40 problems...


From: Mike Robinson (
Date: Mon Oct 17 1994 - 14:49:50 EDT

Hmmm. What's happening here? I built the 30-40 and
aligned ok. The receiver is fine. The xmitter is
curious though.

First off, everything is stock and unmodified. The final
is the 2n3053 with a homemade heatsink. When I first
brought it up, the power out was at the expected .95w
and I made a contact from Colorado to Michigan. Great.
Then a friend explained that the CW portion of the 30m
band is at the bottom, ie., 10100 to 10125.

My rig tuned from 10115 to 10145. Plenty of RTTY up
there. So I rewound the VFO toriod and checked the
range: 9045 to 9080 or so. Nope no priveledges there.

Then I pulled a winding off the toriod and brought the
range back up to about 10110 at the bottom end. I tried
squeezing the windings together and got it down to

But now the xmitter is behaving eradically. The output
became intermittent. Sometimes I would hear a click
on key down but no tone. If I gave the chassis a thunk
the xmit would sound normal for a few keys then go
back to just clicking and no power on the meter.

Sometimes the intermittency was random without my help.

So I decided to back out completely and removed the 15pF.
Now if the RF gain is at max, I get no tone or power

What did I break?
How can I get the VFO range down to 10100?
Is the xmitter touchy enough that the tuning range
effects the transistor performance?

Anyone else have input on setting the tuning range?

72 de Michael kg0ot ( formerly kd6wdd, soon to be aa0s? ) --==<< I'm the last 'S' in KISS >>==--

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