Am gettin' out?


From: Mike Robinson (
Date: Thu Oct 13 1994 - 15:29:12 EDT

Hi all,

I've built the NE-QRP 30-40. A nice rig to build
and use. The receiver is sensitive enough and the
filter tight enough.

With the 2N3053 as the final, it puts out about
950mW cold, and about 500mW warm (read: hot to the
touch!). I've heard my tone on another hams rig
and have responded to several CQ's with very large
signals. Still to no avail.

I'm using an Inverted V with the apex about 20' up.
The wire is fed with a coffee can balun (coiled coax)
at the feed point. The swr shows near 1:1.

I live in Ft. Collins, CO and would like to make a
sked with some of you to verify that I'm getting out.

2300Z to 0000Z seems to be good on 30m. As of late,
it seems the late night condx have been unreliable.
Even on 40m.

Any help would be appreciated, 72, Michael kg0ot

72 de Michael kg0ot ( formerly kd6wdd, soon to be aa0s? ) --==<< I'm the last 'S' in KISS >>==--

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