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Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 14:21:30 EDT

Here are the available commands that may (SHOULD) be sent to the listserver
when trying to subscribe or unsubscribe to the qrp list, (or hamtech, etc.):

Remember, send a letter to: NOT to qrp-l

I thought if this went to the digest form of the list it may save all of us
from the attempts at joining the list via qrp-l instead of listserv.

By the way, my count of the number of names on the qrp-l list is 423!

Talk about multi-drop mailings. Or to put it another way 423 test messages for
every one sent.

Hope to see some of you on the air this weekend. I'll be in Pasadena, Ca.
operating an FT-7 to a 40M dipole in a tree to a tuner. I'll have to keep it
fairly simple, as my station has to be carry on baggage from San Jose to
--------------------------( Forwarded letter 1 follows )---------------------
Date: Wednesday, 12 October 1994 23:10 PT
To: Bruce.Florip
Subject: Majordomo results



>>>> help This is Brent Chapman's "Majordomo" mailing list manager, version 1.62.

It understands the following commands:

subscribe <list> [<address>] Subscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) to the named <list>.

unsubscribe <list> [<address>] Unsubscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) from the named <list>.

which [<address>] Find out which lists you (or <address> if specified) are on.

who <list> Find out who is on the named <list>.

info <list> Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>.

lists Show the lists served by this Majordomo server.

help Retrieve this message.

end Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to "listserv@NETCOM.COM".

Commands in the "Subject:" line NOT processed.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact "listserv-owner@NETCOM.COM".

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