QRP Afield Results A/O October 8


From: Chester Bowles (bowles@mv.MV.COM)
Date: Sat Oct 08 1994 - 18:08:28 EDT

OK Gang, Here are the QRP Afield results so far. These results represent
_all_ entries received A/O 8 October. I'll accept logs for another week or
so, but I'll close things out by the 17th (one month should be enough time
to submit a log. Right?

I've also included some of the comments/soapbox stuff. Fun.

Chet, AA1EX

MULT'sW1FD Meriden (CT) ARCNr Wallingford, CT H Field 6844 59
29 AA4XX Paul Stroud/Rob Capon Raleigh, NC L Field 5040 30
21 W3TS D.A. Michael Halifax, PA L Field 4896 34
18 WB4ZKA Mike Pulley #241Nr Prescott, AZ H Field 2400 30
20 WU7F Robert Farnworth #211 Bellevue, WA H Field 1976 26
19 AA1EX Chet Bowles #58 Oquossoc, ME H Field 1920 32
15 W1FMR Jim Fitton #1 Salisbury, MA H Field 1836 27
17 AA7QU Russ Carpenter Cascade Mts, OR H Field 1560 26
15 WK8S Pete Meier Nr Waterford, MI H Field 1536 24
16 K3SS Hugh Maddocks Reston, VA H Field 1512 27
14 KR4NR Carl Letter Melbourne, FL H Field 1500 25
15 VE2DRB Bob Gobrick #94 Montreal, Quebec H Perm 1288 56
23 N1CJB Walt Yatzook #282Northfield, CT H Field 1232 22
14 N1CUU Carl Heidenblad #4 Salisbury, MA H Field 1008 21
12 AA1DL Lloyd Roberts #78 Mt Snow, VT H Field 936 18
13 K3WWP John Shannon Kittanning, PA H Perm 924 44
21 N4AOX Clay Wynn Nr Knoxville, TN H Field 880 20
11 KT3A Cameron Bailey Manchester, PA L Field 576 9
8 W4OEL Shel Dunham #199Mechanicsville, VA H Perm 468 26
18 WA2BQI Bud Peterson Jamestown, NY H Perm 405 27
15 AB5OU Tim Pettibone Las Cruces, NM L Field 336 7
6 KA9HAO Randy Jones #22 N. Kingston, RI L Perm 300 15
10 WA1OFT Tom Barbish #31 Coventry, RI H Perm 260 20
13 NXIZZ Lawrence Mergen Kansas City, MO H Perm 238 17
14 KX1E Bob Coakley #26 Portland, ME H Perm 231 21
11 WB3GCK Craig LaBarge Phoenixville, PA H Perm 117 13
9 K7YHA Rich Arland #239Wilkes-Barre, PA H Field 100 5
5 W9CUN Ken Anderson Mt. Sterling, IL H Perm 90 10
9 KM3D Harry Bump/David StraszRichland, PA L Field 72 3
3 KI6DS Doug Hendricks #182 Dos Palos, CA H Perm 2 2

"Late start. Wrong 12V power cord. Returned to home QTH. Torrential
rains. Stayed in driveway to make 5 QSO's. I love this hobby." Rich,
"Operated from Godek's farm, near Wallingford, CT--our usual FD QTH."
Meriden (CT) ARC, W1FD
"2 hours--had fun--that's what counts. I like the time of year, time of
day, and duration of contest. Family-friendly." Cameron, KT3A
"Real Field Day. In drippy clouds, sitting in wet grass on ski trail (40M
wide) with umbrella over rig & op. Too windy for dupe sheets. Quit early
to catch last chairlift down. Rained all the way home." Lloyd, AA1DL
"I was surprised by the number of stations participating--especially on 40
meters. There was sufficient activity to keep us going through most of the
afternoon." Paul, AA4XX
"(1:30 p.m.)--This is certainly a beautiful area and not a cloud in the sky.
 (4:30 p.m.)--Did you ever see it rain so hard??" Carl, N1CUU
"WOW - what a great gathering. Let's do it more often with maybe a winter
challenge (QRP A-Snow?)" Bob, VE2DRB
"Good thing 'field site' was close to home--forgot keyer cable, power cable
and my NE QRP #! Packed up, came home and worked a few." Randy, KA9HAO
"Antenna: Rainspout (really!) This event was a great idea. A lot more
interesting (and friendlier) than a regular contest. How about running one
in the spring too?" Craig, WB3GCK
"It was a great little contest. I was very pleased by the amount of
activity generated." John, K3WWP
"I am enthusiastic about the concept of a mini Field Day, but wish I had
heard more QRP stations. Was it poor propogation to the West Coast? Or a
limited number of participants? Russ, AA7QU
"Good contest, good scoring scheme. The 6 hour duration seemed OK to me."
Bob, KX1E
"Operated between thunderstorms from picnic table in the clouds at 3000 feet
(Look Rock State Park, Chilhowee Mountain, TN). Finally worked NE#2.
Looking forward to next time. Had a great time." Clay, N4AOX
"I went to a local State Park but due to threatening weather, I didn't start
setting up until 1600Z. Shortly after, I had to move as it started to
rain." Pete, WK8S
"I enjoyed the test, worked all New England states, and am looking forward
to next fall." Hugh, K3SS
"Glad it didn't rain. Wish I had a rig for another band, 40M didn't come
alive 'till the last hour." Walt, N1CJB
"Rain?? The sun was shining in Oquossoc, ME!." Chet, AA1EX
"I was floored by the activity. We had two stations set up--both worked
many stations. First 20M QSO was with KP4DDB/QRP!!" Fim, W1FMR
"Do I win the last place prize for club members?" Doug, KI6DS

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