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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sat Oct 08 1994 - 15:09:41 EDT

Some good replies to this one. Here's another--a while back, perhaps a
couple years ago, there was a very interesting article in SPRAT where
someone pointed out the fallacy that all 1000MPWs are not equal due to
the inverse square law. He proposed going to a new formula which took
that fact into account and called the resulting number something like
miles per root-watt. It did make all MPWs equal since it factored out
the differing distances and the inverse square law. As I recall, it
raised no debate and went largely unnoted; nothing further was ever
heard. I think the 1000 MPW award will be around for quite some time,
since it's a lot of fun and a bit of an achievement, but shouldn't be
taken TOO seriously as a clinical measure of QRP success. Sure, I hit
7 million miles per watt with someone in the same town, using a
detailed map to get the distance to within a few feet (and running a
few nanowatts), but my working the west coast of the US with a few
dozen milliwatts was a much more significant accomplishment. (And when
the sunspots were really hot, that was almost trivial on 10
was working into Europe regularly with the same power, and modest
antennas to boot.) The bottom line is that QRP should be fun, and
whatever you have with fun with is OK. (And milliwatting is a lot of
fun!) 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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