Need INFO on HAL CRI-200 RTTY Interface


From: R. D. Keys (rdkeys@csemail)
Date: Fri Oct 07 1994 - 11:14:32 EDT

Hello Friend Hams..... Boatanchorites and QRPites of the first water.....

I have just purchased a HAL CRI-200 Computer RTTY Interface and am
looking to find some information on same.

1. Does anyone have a manual that I could get a xerox of?

2. What is the power voltage and polarity required at the dc power
    adapter socket on the back panel (+12vdc? GND=SHELL?).

3. What is the pinout and interface specifications on the 5 pin
    computer I/O port connector? I am assuming RS-232, but it could
    be something funky like 5V tty RS-232, or it might even be current
    loop (20 ma).

4. What are the cw keying polarities on the two keying jacks?

Any Help is appreciated

Most Sincerely,
Robert D. Keys, ``Boatanchor Bob'', NA4G

p.s. What in the world am I doing playing around with non-vacuum-tube
      technology..... (:+}}.....

* 73 TU SU VA DE NA4G ``Boat Anchor Bob'', an ol' CW fart. *
* Morse has been in the family for over 100 years. *
* Morse radiotelegraphy (Spark/CW) has been in the family since 1914. *
* May you have fair winds and following seas on your watch at the key. *

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