Re: Strategy for 1000 mi/W


From: Stephen Trier (
Date: Fri Oct 07 1994 - 00:24:21 EDT

Don't get me wrong here -- I'm not chasing 1000 mi/W directly, nor am I
coldly calculating how best to abuse the award. I was just curious, so
I fiddled with some equations. When I got an unexpected answer, I became
even more curious.

Now that I looked at them again, I know the reason they didn't work
out is because it was too early an hour to be doing algebra. :-)

Anyway, it turns out that given identical receivers, antennas, and no
path loss beyond straight inverse-square law, you will have a much easier
time achieving 1 mW at 1 mile than 5W at 5000 miles.

Mandatory disclaimer: Theory and reality diverge fast when talking about
propagation. Take this with a hefty grain of salt! :-)


Stephen Trier         "Here, but for an extraordinary physics teacher,        goes a saxophone player."
KG8IH                     - Albert Overhauser, National Science Medal winner

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