Re: Strategy for 1000 mi/W


From: howie cahn (
Date: Thu Oct 06 1994 - 17:08:56 EDT

On 6 Oct 1994, Stephen Trier wrote:

> I was thinking about the 1000 mi/W award, trying to figure out what
> the best strategy would be. Assuming perfect free-space propagation,
> is it easier to win the award at 1 mW and 1 mile or at 5W and 5000
> miles?

An interesting question!

Actually, it's not that hard to do at either end of the power range you
mentioned (although, it's harder now then 3 or 4 years ago when the
sunspots were higher. Then, if you were QRP, it would be hard to make a
QSO on 10 meters that didn't qualify.) Since it's more interesting to work
another continent than the next town, I'd adjust my power so that getting
to Europe would do it. I guess that would be about 3.5 watts for you.
Europe is workable from the midwest during many 20 meter and some 40 meter
openings. Just pick a loud station and keep trying. Loudness probably
means he's using a high-gain antenna which will improve his ability to
copy you. If you really want to make it easy, wait until the next DX
contest. Then, not only will the best ops be out and wanting to work you,
but there are some super contest stations. Many have antennas like a stack
of four, 4-element beams on 20, say, about 14 or 15 dBd gain. That's makes
a QRP station equivalent to over 100 watts when compared to working
someone with a dipole.

Good luck...

72/73... howie

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