Re: Fox Hunt #1


Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 13:41:19 EDT

Hello all. Thanks to Bob for doing a good job being a
fox last night. I have an HW-8 that I found a flea market
a couple of years ago and thought I would try it out for the
fox hunt. However, the SW broadcast swamped the receiver -
so, I unplugged my qro rig (old Johnson Navigator - 25w out),
and plugged it into the HW-8. To transmit I have to switch
the Navigator into xmit so the antenna will switch properly.
Now I can use my old SX-117 to receive and the HW-8 to xmit.
Good thing I put RIT in the HW-8 recently, otherwise I would
have heard the HW-8 when receiving! Anyway, I called N2IPY
and we almost made contact. About a half hour later, we
exchanged minimals. Right after signing, naturally, his
signal jumped up a couple of S units to about S6. Then he
disappeared. First contact made with this qrp rig. Feels good.

Thanks to all and looking forward to more qrp.

Glen E. Stockton K5UP
Phillips Petroleum Co. Bartlesville, OK

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