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From: chuck adams (
Date: Tue Oct 04 1994 - 11:11:24 EDT

October 4, 1994

****** Tonite the FOX is N2IPY up in the novice band. *******

Are there others who want to volunteer during any of the weeks
on other nights (Not Saturday or Sunday) than those already
assigned? I don't want to overload the schedule.

I'd like to give up my slot. Then I'd like to get
AA2U, W7EL, W7ZOI, KI6DS, K5FO, AC4HF, NN1G, and other
"high profile" critters to come out of the wood works for
a 'celebrity' hunt, not that these guys really need it,
but it would be fun. :-) :-)


Here is fox hunt schedule for this week. Missing dates/times
to be filled in as soon as missing stations finalize their schedules.
Some will not be filled in until the week before or of the week
they have volunteered for due to their work schedule. Remember gang,
this is for fun and these guys volunteered for this duty.

The fox will come on with CQ CQ FOX HUNT de CALL CALL K.
or their rendition of same. Then they will be attacked
by the hoards of screaming QRPers. :-) Propagation has
everything to do with this hunt, thus you may be unfortunate
enough to be out of the zone(s) where they can work you.

WARNING: Times and dates are in UTC, so for 0000Z, it's the
day before here in the USofA.

We tried to get some time in for the novices. Run at your
CW speed and the fox will match it.

  name call email address QTH

Chuck Adams K5FO Dallas, TX
Bob Easton N2IPY Sloatsburg, NY
Craig LaBarge WB3GCK Phoenixville, PA
Mark Cronenwett KA7ULD San Jose, CA
Pete Rossi WA3NNA Newton Square, PA
Bob Cutter KI0G Glenwood Springs, CO
Dave N9UXU Indianapolis, IN
Ron Stark KU7Y Sun Valley, NV
Stan Goldstein N6ULU Watsonville, CA
Clay Wynn N4AOX Alcoa, TN
Ted Albert KF8EE Loveland, OH

Week of: FOX Date Time(UCT) Freq

Oct 2nd N2IPY Oct 5 0000-0200Z 7.110-7.120
Oct 9th KF8EE Oct 10 0100-0300Z 7.040
Oct 16th K5FO Oct 18 0100-0300Z 7.106 30min then 7.040 for 1.5hr
Oct 23rd N6ULU
Oct 30th N4AOX Nov 4 0000-0200Z 7.101 then 7.041+

Nov 6th WB3GCK Nov 7 2200-2400Z 7.040
Nov 13th N9UXU
Nov 20th KI0G
Nov 27th WA3NNA

Dec 4th N6ULU
Dec 11th N2IPY Dec 11th 0000-0200 7.110 7.120
Dec 18th KA7ULD Dec 20th 0400-060 7.040 7.150
Dec 25th KU7Y

Jan 1st K5FO
Jan 8th N4AOX Jan 13 0000-0200Z 7.101+ Primary 7.041+ Alternate
Jan 15th WB3GCK Jan 16 2200-2400Z 7.040
Jan 22nd KF8EE Jan 23 0200-0400Z 7.040
Jan 29th KI0G

Feb 5th KA7ULD Feb 7 0400-0600Z 7.040-7.150
Feb 12th WA3NNA
Feb 19th KU7Y
Feb 26th N9UXU

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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