From: Carl Littlejohns (
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 16:57:02 EDT

> You made an interesting comment about the DXRX changing freq
> "with operator position." OVer the past 7 years I have built
> a 40m transceiver from Howes kits and I've only had one problem:

Bit unfair really, I slapped the thing in a box as I needed an HF
rig to listen to some CW (learning). Anyway afterwards I put the
TX together and only then spotted the problem. I'll have another
go however as since, I built the Lake electronics DTR7 (2w out-
but latest model is qro 5w!) and that was very nice indeed.

There were a few bits missing, but they were replaced promptly and
there is even a case-sized transfer front and back making it look
really quite smart.

I didn't realise that driving a direct conversion RX meant that
you had to zero beat the cw, and then RIT! However this little
kit explained all that, and gave a sidetone to boot!

Highly recommended, and if I can build it, any(thing) can!

> I have bullet proof boxes all ready to go and lots of circuit

Nah- put all my stuff in aluminium tinfoil (almost) ;-)


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