My Sierra Arrived Today!


From: Jason F. Penn (
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 15:16:03 EDT

What a truly pleasant surprise! I was at home eating lunch thinking that
in about a week or so at the earliest, my Sierra would arrive. The doorbell
rang and it was the USPS emissary with a *big* padded envelope from Jim Cates.
All I had time for was a quick browse of the manual and a moment's
admiration of baggies filled with *lots* of small parts. I didn't even
pry the PCB from its protected location taped inside the aluminum case and
admire it. Wayne and Doug say the PCB is beautiful all by itself.

The Sierra manual is even slicker than the NC40 manual. It is about 3/8 inch
think and in a comb binder.

I'm going to enjoy every minute (probably a 1000 or more of them) of putting
this (and all the band modules) together.

BTW, I ordered band modules for 40-30-20, but none were in the envelope.
Perhaps they are being shipped seperately?

Happy soldering and 73 de Jason.

       Jason F. Penn N9RPT |  Persoft, Inc.  |
   Whenever I want to find something, it's always in the last place I look.

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