oh, darn


From: John F. Woods (jfw@ksr.com)
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 09:18:47 EDT

Now I don't have any more tests to take!

Yes, I passed my Extra exam at the ARRL NE convention! My code copy wasn't
solid by any stretch, but thank goodness for the comprehension test. (The
written was easy, though I got two satellite mode questions which threw me
off (owing to the meaninglessness of "Mode A" as a description for which
frequency bands the satellite uses) and I also completely forgot how to divide
complex numbers, thus blowing a parallel impedance question (that's right, I
didn't just memorize the test pool).

Thanks to all who offered encouragement, and thanks especially to
Diana L. Carlson for the Extra Ham Test Stack, and to Lars Sundstro"m for
MorseTutor for the Mac.

vy 73,

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