From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Oct 02 1994 - 19:48:42 EDT

Here's the latest status on orders for the Milliwatt reprints. I
received a check from everyone on the following list; most (except
for a very few) were acknowledged by return e-mail. Don't panic if
you don't see your name here; at the end of this is another list, of
those who've told me the check is in the mail but not yet received.
We have copies reserved for you. IF your name does not appear on
either list, AND you wanted a copy, THEN it's time to panic! I'd
suggest you give a call by landline, in addition to any e-mail you
send me. For whatever reasons, a portion of mail that I send and
have sent to me does not make it all the way. Do not put absolute
trust in The System, since it does not have absolute reliability, and
once the orders go in there will be no further copies available. My
work phone is 410-290-1919; either stumble over my last name or ask
for "Mike Ski" and either way they'll know who it is!

Checks received:

Rich McAllister
Jeff Anderson WA6AHL
Lisa McCormack (for N0OQT)
Mark Johnson KB0IHQ
Charles Kuhn N9NVV
Ted Kell KC5CUW
Nils Young WB8IJN
Robert Marlan KA6NOC
George DeGrazio WF0K
John Woods WB7EEL
Myron China KB0LMQ
Doug Heackock AA0MS
Lynn Geitgey KB0LRB
Mike Manlove KE6PGL
John Evans N3QOO
Bob Easton N2IPY
James Francoeur
Ranson Pelt NZ4I
Greg Taylor KD4HZ
James Rybak W0KSD
Cameron Bailey KT3A KT3A@N3KDS.EPA
Rhett Isley
Stephen Trier KG8IH
Mike Thomas KE4LAU
Warren Lewis KD4YRN
Karen Garrison AA1AH
Ron Majewski WB8RUQ
Gerhard Sehne N2KTY
Dennis Webster WJ6H
Richard Urmonas VK3DRU

List 2: People Who Said Checks Are On The Way; copies are reserved,
but if the check is never received the copies will be thrown on the
open market. (You will be contacted before the copies are given to
others, to let us know if you still want them.)

Bob Gobrick (you later said you realized you had a copy from an
  earlier printing, but I don't remember if you cancelled the request
  or said you wanted one for your other QTH.)
K5FO (you'll have to come to Silver Spring, MD to get yours!)
Trevor Smith AB5EU
Roy Morgan
Ken Nawyn
Gabe Sellers

So far, extremely limited response to my packetgram addressed to
QRP@USA; I guess most QRPers have moved over to Internet!

There were a few DX queries; I've tentatively reserved copies for
Dirk Sibie (who I cannot contact by e-mail--everything bounces) and
Rudi Ventner, as well as someone in the UK, whose message was lost.
(Dick Pascoe?)

I'll probably pull the plug on this by 8 October and give the
go-ahead to N8ET. If you have not had a response from me by then,
telling you that you're on the list, then you're probably not.

73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ
Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
The WB3FFV Amateur Radio BBS - Located in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Supporting the Amateur Radio Hobby, and TCP/IP InterNetworking

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