Re: Fix: HW-8 dead on 40M - FIXED!!


From: Brien Pepperdine (
Date: Sat Oct 01 1994 - 18:03:48 EDT

Mike and the Gang.
Mike's advice was spot on. I did not get the schematics and assembly guide
from the fellow who had the radio. but some friend's did have it, so once
I picked the docs. up on Thursday I began to familiarize myself with the
area specific to 40 m.

Anyhow, when the common stuff is eliminated since 80, 20 and 15 did work,
what Mike suggested was was the 40 m. section being switched in by the
hardware switch and the diode switching.

Well, when I began to go through the areas, the fact that all the
switching diodes with the crystals were IN9149 s EXCEPT for the 40 m. one,
I was amazed. Yes, for some unknown reason, D24 was a IN458, not what it
was supposed to be. I was quite obvious when one had Mike's advice in
hand, since the correct diode is not the same color as the wrong diode, so
blue where all the other diodes are red/orange did trigger some curiousity
on my part!!!

With the suspect wrong color wrong type diode replaced I turned it on and
heard noise and signals where nothing had been heard before. 40 m. as good
as it gets. Now the rig works on all bands, and previous to this I had had
some good contacts on 80 m. So tonight I will check out 40 and see what I
can do. But it seems what I expected.
I will tweak it up later in tandem with my HW-8 owning friend.

72 and a big THANKS to Mike for his pinpointed suggestions and concise


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