Re: Using SW Rcvr for QRP Rec


From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Wed Sep 28 1994 - 03:20:22 EDT

On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, jim rybak wrote:

> Since everyone is "admitting the truth," I also will make a confession. I
> use a Sony ICF PRO-80 as a receiver for QRP work. The receiver is quite
> good, has a stable bfo, and is compact. Must I wear a scarlet "S" (for
> "Sony" not for "Superman") on my forehead for the rest of my life?
> Jim W0KSD
To Jim, Jeff and a few of the others who've copped a plea!! :
        Most of us have some kind of ''other'' receiver in the
        shack ----- whether it is a SW rcvr, or one-half of a
        transceiver. Since many of you with separate
        receivers have had to figure out HOW to Interface the
        QRP xmtr with the rcvr, I'd like to ask ALL OF YOU
        to share with some of the rest of us HOW you are interfacing
        the xmtr to the rcvr. Are you using diode switching?
        Relays? Manual switching? etc. I'm always looking for
        a better way -- and some of you may already have found
        it! Please share!!! 72 de alan, w6rcl


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