Frequency counter/ panel meter for rigs


Date: Fri Sep 23 1994 - 20:53:18 EDT

I built the frequency counter in the most recent issue of Popular
Electronics. It is a very cleaver design and will lend itself well to
QRP rigs. It uses a 1 line by 16 character LCD display, a 74hc132, and a
little 18 pin dip microcontroller (PIC 16C54). Since I only had a 2 line
by 16 character LCD display I downloaded the source code and modified it
to work. It started me thinking.....

This weekend, I am modifying the code to drop the auto ranging feature
and, instead, am adding a bargraph display on the bottom line which will
be coupled to a cheap 8 bit serial a/d converter chip. I'll use it on
the front panel of my next rig for frequency and the bargraph for an
S/Power/Battery meter.

If I am very cleaver, I might even squeeze my memory keyer in the same

Sound interesting?

7* Lowell

Lowell Brunson (503) 681-0417
Internet: (preferred)
Packet Radio: KC7DX@w0rli.or.usa.noam

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