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Date: Fri Sep 23 1994 - 16:32:00 EDT

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>Running on a PC here - can't handle postscript, but can handle most other
>formats such as GIF, TIF etc.
>(Is there a S/W converter for postscript to regular HP laserjet format?)
>Eric, WA6HHQ

I vote for Postscript - it's the most portable graphical interchange format
I have ever used - and I've used VAXes, MACs, PCs, HP and Sun workstations,
and I've used dot-matrix, HP-PCL, Imagen, Laserwriter, and several Postscript-
capable HP laser printers. If you are on a Mac and have access to a Laser-
writer, it recognizes Postscript. If you are on a PC, get a copy of Ghost-
script off the net or off a BBS. It will print to just about any printer you
have. And the quality will be great. If you have a workstation on a network,
you can probably dump to a printer that already recognizes Postscript.

I can print GIF, TIFF, etc, also. But the quality has always stunk compared
to Postscript.
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