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From: Jeff Gold (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 23 1994 - 17:19:23 EDT


The old HW9 now is Digital display.

recently finished building a S&S Engineering Programable Counter..
PC1. The board, as usual was absolutely tops, as were the
instructions and all materials. The parts come packaged seperately
and clearly labeled. The board is plated thru and solder masked.
It has one of their famous.. you can drop it from a plane cases
with nice silk screened panels. It is an easy afternoon's project
and when you look at the bottom of the PCB when you are done.. if
you are halfway careful. .will look fantastic.

Hooked it to my HW9. Love my HW9.. some bands the analog dial is
about right on.. and some like 17, 30 and 80.. not really sure
where I am.. although it is pretty close. Didn't want to permantly
modify the HW9.. just left out one of the back panel screws and
ran the VFO wire from the PC1 to TP1.. programmed the counter to
read the right freq (used my TS850 to get it right on) and then
took the ground wire from the counter and just attached it to a
near by grounded chasis screw.

Nice to know exactly where I am.

Jeff, AC4HF

PS.. if anyone of you have built this, are technically oriented,
and a writer that can put things interstingly in plane English.. I
would like to co-author the article.

I have really enjoyed the last 2 articles that I coauthored with
people from this net.. think it was better than I could have done
alone and more exciting (both were accepted for publication).
Really think this is a good group of people.

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