50 Mhz Freq Counter


From: Bob Berlyn (bob.berlyn.303@chowda.com)
Date: Mon Sep 19 1994 - 02:08:00 EDT

Hi All,
I have found plans for a 50 Mhz autograging frequency counter in the
November 1994 issue of Popular Electronics. The circuit uses a PIC16C5x
series microcontroller that is manufactured by Microchip.The project
seems easy to build and straight forward even for a novice homebrewer
like me.
The microcontroller provides for autoranging, direct display, ie the
frequency is displayed with the actual suffix (Mhz,kHz or Hz) and a
floating decimal point. The gate time automatically changes from 0.1 sec
to 1 sec at the low end of the frequency range to produce resolution down
to 1 Hz.
According to the article the circuit's sensitivity is about 100 mV RMS at
frequencies from 100 Hz to 2 Mhz, and decreasing to about 800 mv RMS at
50 Mhz.
The project looks like it would satisfy most if not all of my freq.
measurmements for the QRP homebrewing that I do. It can be built
for a lot less that I can buy one for. I think I am going to build
it. I hope some of you with a lot more experience than me can answer
a question.
THE QUESTION IS: Does the circuit have enough sensitivity to align, test
Etc and act as a general piece of test equipment on my bench?
 * OFFLINE 1.54 * Bob Berlyn N1PWU Bob.Berlyn@Chowda.com

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