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>Bill WA8TZG wrote:
>That being said, the HW-8 was not the be-all-end-all of RF
>communication. It was plagued by all the problems inherent to DC rigs,
> cat: a purr bearing mammal
>Wasn't the HW-7 the one with the DC receiver, and the HW-8 had
>a superhet?

Both were DC receivers. I built the HW-8 and I really remember worrying
about whether a DC receiver was worthwhile.

>My cat used to love to sleep on my DX-60 xmtr while it was running;
>I guess she was recycling the heat given off by the tubes.
>Jeff NH6IL

Velcro, that's our cat, particularly likes it when we sit at the
computer - she likes to sit on the worktable next to the monitor and get
her back stroked. She also is fascinated by the head motion of our
DeskJet printer and will sit on top of the printer and try and bat the
print head with her paw.

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