From: James M Fitton +1 508 960 2577 (mvjf@mvubr.att.com)
Date: Sun Sep 18 1994 - 11:27:00 EDT

Terrific contest.

W1FMR/1 and N1CUU/1 handed out 48 QSOs and stations were
worked in Puerto Rico (KP4DDB/QRP), Texas, Washington St.,
Ore., and Canada.

Where was K5FO, N6KR, KI6DS ?

W1FMR/1 contacted N1CUU/1 on 40m although he was more than
50 ft. away, sharing the same antenna support, and running
2 watts also.
Does this qualify us for the coveted 1000 watts/mile award ?

In addition, W1FMR/1 made 27 contacts with 17 multipliers.

QRP-NE Recommendation :

When there is more than 1 operator available, set up at least
2 stations and each operator can use his own call.
Not only would there be more stations on the air, but when
things get dry you can contact each other.
Thanks to Chet Bowles, AA1EX for running this contest !
Also thanks to K5FO for donating the high score trophy.

And thanks to all the clubs that supported this event.
It was much greater than any expectation of QRP-NE.
This seems to be what you folks want......

Be sure to forward your logs to Chet, along with your
comments, photos, and tall tales. What did you like
about the event ?

72 Jim, W1FMR

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