Re: HW-8 - I solicit your opinions


From: Bill Meahan (
Date: Sat Sep 17 1994 - 17:40:12 EDT

Brian Pepperdine writes:
>Could I have the opinions of anyone with opinions on the HW-8. Reason of
>course is that I have been offered one at a yet to be determine price by
>someone who heard I belong to a local qrp club. He built it originally but
>never really got into qrp or using the rig. Anyhow, he felt I might make
>better use of it.
>So.... what's one like? Will I like it? What is a fair price? What is it
>like for reception/transmission (selectivity,sensitivity, drift). Subject
>to intermod? Were xtal filters a standard item?
I USED to have an HW-8 on which the only mod was a substitution of a BNC
connector instead of the RCA Phono jack for the antenna. I managed to
work quite a few stations with it, including an I4 and a PY2, even
though the antenna I was using at the time was a 20M dipole just lying
on the roof and I was operating on 15M! ("The RF has got to go

That being said, the HW-8 was not the be-all-end-all of RF
communication. It was plagued by all the problems inherent to DC rigs,
sensitivity was OK, intermod performance average at best and the narrow
position on the filter rang like a bell. Still, it was a lot of fun to
build, fun to use and made a bunch of contacts. If you don't pay too
much, you'll like it a lot. I sold mine for $65 two years ago and the
buyer thought it was a steal.

Overall, I wish I hadn't sold it, but ....

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