HW-8 - I solicit your opinions


From: Brien Pepperdine (pepperb@gov.on.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 16 1994 - 21:51:12 EDT

Could I have the opinions of anyone with opinions on the HW-8. Reason of
course is that I have been offered one at a yet to be determine price by
someone who heard I belong to a local qrp club. He built it originally but
never really got into qrp or using the rig. Anyhow, he felt I might make
better use of it.
So.... what's one like? Will I like it? What is a fair price? What is it
like for reception/transmission (selectivity,sensitivity, drift). Subject
to intermod? Were xtal filters a standard item?
I know there have been a lot of mods in QRP Q and elsewhere I guess, and I
have seen there some book that has been published at some time on a lot of
mods (HW-8 Cookbook or Handbook?).
Anyhow, your opinions on the rig are invited for my edification and
decision as to whether I should take up the offer. Bottom line is: is it
worthwhile to use, will I use it (i.e. like using it and therefore enjoy
using it).
BTW, I have an Argonaut 509, and Ne30-30, NorCal 40 and Sierra in stages
of being built or planned to be built - so rendundancy factor has to be
But if is is a fairly OK radio to use etc. (see all above) then will I
welcome it as a decent member of the family available to be used.

Thanks very much for your input and considered opinions/suggestions.
(BTW, what do you figure I would absolutely HAVE to do to it


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