QRP Inventories


From: Larry East (LVE@inel.gov)
Date: Tue Sep 13 1994 - 15:34:08 EDT

Nuclear & Radiological Physics Unit
MS 7113 533-4005 lve@inel.gov
Gee folks, I for one am getting tired of long lists of QRP equipment
cluttering up my incomming e-mail box! Also, I personally find it difficult
to use more than one rig (well, maybe two...) at a time -- so having upwards
of 8 or so QRP rigs seems a little greedy to me (OK, so maybe I am just a
little bit envious). Just to show new commers that not ALL QRP ops are
equipment crazy, here is my meager list:

HW-9 with built-in keyer, calibration oscillator, and many other mods.
TenTec 509 with home-built audio filter and misc. minor mods.
FT-301 that has adjustable output power from 100mW to 100W or so.
Various QRP antenna tuners.
OH QRP Wattmeter
Odds and ends of other junk...

72, Larry W1HUE/7 (Idaho)

PS -- If anyone needs Idaho for WAS (or what-ever), send me a note and we can
      maybe work out a sked (my preference is 40M evenings or weekends).

Have a productive day :-)

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