Re: QRP Crazy


From: prvalko (
Date: Sun Sep 11 1994 - 21:31:50 EDT

On 11 Sep 1994 wrote:

> Here's the current count, more when my license comes through

[SNIP! List of nine QRP kits deleted]

Hey Dan, you don't even have your ticket yet and you have all those QRP
kits? Sheeze... bet you did not know this, but there is a word hams use
to describe guys like you... we call you guys, "Max." That means,
maximum equipment minimum license! It generally gets applied in a
not-too-kind manner to the CBer who shows up for the first two or three
of our novice classes every fall and immediately gets on everyone's
nerves as he talks about his TS-950sdx and Moonraker 6 at 75', of and of
course, some type of MASSIVE "lini-er." They almost always have the
latest dual-band HT strapped to their belt also. :-)

They always want to upgrade to extra ASAP within a week or two, also.

Of course, in ***YOUR*** case, we call you MAX with ALL DUE respect given
to a fellow QRPp enthusiast! Hope you get your ticket soon, too.

73 =paul= wb8zjl

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